After the recent noise intrusions so generously provided by Egger, (November 2014 to March 2015 with little relief) a series of meetings between residents and senior Egger staff has resulted in a period of 'glasnost' and two way communication.  Paul Turner (Egger's Health & Safety Manager) now has a list of resident's email addresses and regularly lets us know of possible issues.  Much of the dredit for this state of affairs must go to Ian Winkworth for his patience in a) ensuring that Egger have been aware of our concerns (aka complaining) and b) keeping everyone informed of what was going on.  Judging by the number of times Egger staff have appeared in the parish recently it is fair to say that they are now taking out concerns seriously and are responding in an appropriate manner.

Below is a note from Egger following the banishing of the noisy mobile hack-chipping machine.  Tobias Zimmermann (Egger's Technical Director) has verbally undertaken to ensure that this particular machine will not return to the Anick site and that as soon as possible all chipping will be done on the permanent, enclosed chipper and log loader (the Holtec area).  This newly enclosed log-loader has been operating for a while and so far appears no longer to generate disruptive noise; noise measurements were taken by the independent noise consultant recently and as soon as thereport is received it will be sent to the Council to seek approval to operate for longer hours

Tobias also volunteered that should there ever be need for additional chipping capacity it will happen in the wood-producing forests or using a smaller, quieter portable chipper - such as Egger have used before at Hexham without generating complaints, but the aim is to produce all the chips necessary using the newly quietened permanent log-loader/chipper

Equally residents have been delighted in the apparent (and significant) reduction of noise levels following the completion of the sound enclosures to the Holtec log-handling area.

In summary, we anticipate operation until 1630 hours today as well as tomorrow morning and then PM the chipping contractor will be visiting a location off site, in fact in the Spadeadam area regarding complete re location, we are confident this will enable the operational activity to produce the hack chipped material away from the plant and then allow us to transport the material to site.

Friday morning the unit will operate for a limited period and around lunchtime will be closed down in preparation for offsite removal.

Both Tobias and myself are confident that this should finally remove the noise related issues you have had to endure over the recent weeks, going forward we are also confident that the construction work to the Holtec wet preparation plant will show the anticipated results in reducing even further noise emissions from the site and on this I would like to continue our dialogue which will assist us in having the confidence that the Oakwood residents are comfortable with our operational activities.

Thanks again,

Paul and Tobias
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