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Beaufront and District Fruit and Vegetable Association Annual Show

Known locally as “The Apple Show”, this well loved community event has been going strong for 85 years and is one of the oldest in the county. Every year on the first Saturday in September there is a great deal of preparation for the show, with local gardeners lovingly picking the produce of their labours, giant vegetables, delicious fruit and fabulous flowers; while in the kitchen hours of jam and cake-making have finally reached their peak in the production of fine food for the industrial classes, not forgetting crafts and photographs taken by talented members of the community and the enthusiastic and delightful efforts of the children in making miniature gardens or the oddest creature made from vegetables, amongst other creations. There are over 130 classes, so plenty to choose from if you live in Sandhoe Parish or your child goes to Beaufront School. The school is busy on the Saturday morning with people bringing their exhibits to the show. Then the hall is cleared for 10.45am for the judging to begin.

The Grand opening of the show is 2.30pm and it is a great opportunity to meet old friends and make new ones, whilst admiring the wonderful exhibits – perhaps even the pleasure of finding you have won a prize! To add to the fun there are children’s sports in the playing field opposite the school in the afternoon. At the end of the show you can either collect your produce or join in the fun of the auction, when the remaining exhibits are sold to fund the show, it’s amazing how reasonable the bags of fresh vegetables, flowers and food are.

All this could not take place without the hard work of the Show committee organising it throughout the year. If you need any more details please contact John Middleton, Hon. Secretary Tel 01434 604853

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